Vegan Cake Panic


This morning I made a vegan blueberry cake. We had a neighbour popping over and we were well prepared. We knew they used dairy alternative milk, so we’d gone to the shop to buy soy milk and cake. And then had a moment of

Um, actually, she’s a vegan, right?

Right. So the rather beautiful lemon cake from the Co-op was about as much use as a pint of milk. But you can’t invite someone over and not have some food for them. So, I had a good hunt for a vegan friendly cake. That didn’t have vegan butter/margarine in it – we didn’t have any and it was too late for another trip to the shop.

Fortunately, I found an Easy Vegan Blueberry cake. Which was a good option since we had all the ingredients, thanks to some frozen blueberries.


It came out really well, although there was a slight crisis when it came to removing it from the cake tin. The result was rather, shall we say, rustic. And I think with frozen blueberries it could have used an extra 5 minutes in the oven. But we enjoyed it, and our vegan guest politely ate her slice (so we’re assuming she liked it, otherwise I might cry).

It was also great to make with the Small One as it’s a simple recipe, and there’s no mucking about with eggs and the resultant need for extra hand-washing.

Vegan cake success! I will definitely make this one again.

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