Review: Roam by C. H. Armstrong

I got this book from and it will be published on the 5th February 2019. You should get it.

It is a YA novel about a homeless teenager. I don’t have the experience to say whether or not it’s a realistic portrayal, but it felt like it could be. It managed to balance the realities of the situation without being overwhelmingly depressing, which obviously makes the book much more readable. It’s certainly easy to imagine a book on this topic being very hard going. Which is not to say that this book isn’t hard in places, it is, and it should be.

I’m constantly surprised and impressed by YA authors taking on issues like this in their novels, and then I’m surprised by the young adults themselves for reading them. It can only be a good thing. It is definitely a book to help you imagine someone else’s world and how difficult other people’s lives can be. And yet, it doesn’t take much imagination to think about ways Abby and her family’s situation could have been better or worse.

The characters are likeable, except where they’re not meant to be – and then by and large they were sympathetically dealt with.

I really liked this book. I found it readable and just enough on the comfortable side to be appropriate for someone just starting to think about an issue like homelessness and what it really means, but without being too serious to maintain attention. Seriously think about getting it.

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