Booky Update


When I went on holiday I fell into a bit of a reading slump. Corralling an enthusiastic toddler in an unusual environment is hard work, and then in the evenings and at nap times I had people to talk to, so no reading really took place.

Since coming home I’ve been trying to pick up again, and I need to do a bit of planning around reviews and whatnot.

So, what am I reading?

Intuitive Eating – I’ve had this for years and have read it before, but the time had come to return to it. Interestingly the last time I read it, I thought it was all a bit silly. One of those things where you get grumpy and mumble about it not being that easy. But in hindsight, I really wasn’t ready for it, and I’m finding it really helpful in my new world of anti dieting and body positivity.

Harry Potter – When the books were still coming out I got part way through, I think, book 6. There was a thing with Delores Umbridge that just really bothered me, I put down the book and never picked any of them up again. Last week I just really felt like it, so I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts is my current bedtime book, and I’m really enjoying it so far!

At the top of the TBR List are:


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