Review: My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas


I heard about Rachael Lucas through an A Playful Day podcast, in which Kate and Rachael talked about working class writers and books with working class settings. So when I saw her new book was available through Net Galley, I was keen to read it!

It’s a Young Adult book, focussing on 16 year old Holly. Who, by the way, is far cooler than I was at 16!! As I expected from the podcast episode, it has a working class setting, but what I hadn’t expected was the extent to which it looked at different life experiences between social classes, which I liked. This included the feelings of embarrassment or shame we can have about our backgrounds; the pressures we can feel to fit in and what it’s like not to: the isolation or that discomfort when you realise how different a friend’s life is to your own.

The book deals with some serious concepts like domestic violence and potential hoarding disorders, along with the impact living with such things can have on young people.

I enjoyed the story itself very much and loved watching how the characters progressed and changed, even in the small timeframe of the book. And I was left wondering a lot about where the characters would all have been a year or so down the line. But I will leave my wonderings in vagueness, so I don’t spoil the story!

The book will be published on 17 May 2018, and I definitely recommend checking it out!

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