We Went to Center Parcs


Last week we went on holiday! We’d never been to Center Parcs before, or to anywhere like it, but we had a big birthday to celebrate and so we thought “Why not?”

We originally planned to go this week, but as parents of a pre-schooler we had forgotten about the school holidays. The price quoted was… unaffordable. But for a non holiday week, we could just about manage it.

It was a lovely week. We saw squirrels (doggy!), geese (doggy!), swans (doggy!) and rabbits (doggy!). We took Small swimming for the first time – and second and third. We ate food. Some was lovely (Cafe Rouge). Some was a bit meh (naming no names…). We hired bikes and Small giggled while I tried to learn to ride (spoiler: family bike rides are still a way off…).

Overall, we really liked it there. We had issues. The cost. In fairness, the week we went the cost wouldn’t be much different to a couple of rooms in a Premier Inn, but it is still a chunk of money for us. The shops and restaurants were a little more expensive than you’d find in the outside world, but not as much as we thought they might be. Either way, it feels like a holiday we should repeat before we have school age kids because I cannot fathom how we’d afford it then… The other big issue we had was with the cot that was provided. Technically, apart from being a bit squeaky it was fine, but I hated it. It was so narrow and felt really small for a toddler, so we did struggle. But the alternative was our travel cot which has its own issues, including the fact we hadn’t wanted to bother bringing it, so it was all ok really.

Going back, and we hope to, there are some things we would do differently. We’d take more in the way of staple foods with us. We’d try not to arrive at 2pm and have to wait in the longest car queue in the world. I suspect these are both really obvious if you actually think about it rather than proceeding in a sleep deprived brain fog!

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