Review: The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green


This is one of the books I acquired through Net Galley, and it is, quite frankly, a read it at your earliest convenience.

It’s the first of what I believe will be a trilogy and concerns the intersecting lives and adventures of four teenagers. It is one of those books that you never want to put down, except there were a few points where I got kind of scared for the characters and had to stop. In my defence, I hadn’t realised it was the first of a trilogy at first. If I had, I would have been less nervous!

I particularly liked that it had two rather wonderful female protagonists, both very different characters and definitely not the kind of standard cut out female characters you often find. The male protagonists were interesting characters as well. The four main characters are really four very different people and I love that. There were times where it was hard to remember they were teenagers, but then there were little moments periodically that reminded you.

I really cannot wait to read more, but I will have to be patient…

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