Review: A Stash of One’s Own, Clara Parkes


As a book-loving knitter with a sizeable stash, it was almost a given that I would read this book. I requested it for Christmas, and my husband kindly came through.

It’s hard to review a book like this, a collection of essays. Inevitably some of the essays strike home more than others. Some of the authors are people I knew of, others weren’t. So, what I am going to talk about is a few of the essays that I particularly enjoyed.

The essay by Lilith Green really resonated with me and my sense that knitting myself a jumper is rather dangerous given a perpetually fluctuating size. Jillian Moreno talked about her spinning stash, and I loved that! It’s not nearly as common as a yarn stash, and it was wonderful to feel like I had a fibre stashing ally. Rachel Herron taught me what I wish I’d known the week of my father in law’s funeral as I tried pattern after pattern and nothing felt right (several years later I still have a half knitted sock), I just needed to knit. I nodded my way through Debbie Stoller’s discussion of yarn as a feminist issue.

I gained a lot from these essays, and do recommend you have a look at this book. It’s sweet and cosy, reassuring, sad… there is, I suspect, an essay here for every knitter.

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