Eat Up!

Coffee, biscuits and a book

This morning I finally finished reading Ruby Tandoh’s Eat Up!

It’s taken me a little while as I have been reading it as an actual physical book, rather than an an ebook on my phone. I get more time for the latter as I can read in the middle of the night whilst my reluctant-to-stay-asleep child nestles in my arms.

However, that’s not what this post is about. This book. Seriously. I love it. I tend a little towards orthorexia. I have a bit of a way of thinking well, if I don’t eat perfectly then it doesn’t matter how or what I eat. If there is a book that will tell me what to eat and how then I’ll generally buy it and try to live by it. And generally get on rather well for a while, even losing weight sometimes, before something undoes it all. Christmas, for example.

The bottom line is that I have a highly fluctuating weight. I’ve been a size 8 and a size 18. Particularly since Small was born I have been increasingly Large. And it is something I work really hard on making my peace with.

Then this book came along, and… well, I can’t pretend it fixes things. It doesn’t of course. My issues around nutrition and weight are probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Which is fine, I am learning that no book is going to make any of that go away.

Eat Up! is such a fresh and interesting approach to food. We’re not being told what to eat or why. Or what is right to eat or wrong to eat. It’s just a lovely discussion of the different reasons we eat (or don’t) things. It’s about how food triggers memories, the amazingness that is certain foods, and the reality that by preference or necessity we are going to eat things and in ways that others don’t understand.

I’m trying to embrace this. Sometimes I want a chicken bake from Greggs. Sometimes I want to cook risotto. Sometimes I want to eat a whole bag of crisps. And this is all ok. I so highly recommend this book!

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