All About Nursing Bras

About seventeen months ago I landed with a bump in the confusing world of nursing bras. I went through my pregnancy wearing some wildly unsupportive maternity/nursing bras from a high street shop and hated them. When Small finally came along I panic bought anything that came in S, M, L type sizes. I had neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what pregnancy and feeding had done to the specifics of my cup and band size.

After a bit of time, as everything settled down and I got more used to my life, I started to look for new options that were supportive, that didn’t have padding that came out after one wash, completely destroying the shape of the bra as I never ms aged to get the padding in quite right. Basically, I was looking for something that worked and didn’t cause unnecessary stress!

This was all a bit of trial and error, including super cheap bras from unknown companies to some rather more expensive options from well known brands.

For me, this boiled down to two favourites and an honourable mention.

So my overall favourite is the Cake Sorbet nursing bra. The fit is beautiful, it’s supportive, it’s pretty. When feeding the cup doesn’t get in the way.

My other favourite is the Royce Ava nursing bra. It does give a slightly vintage silhouette (read: pointy) and the sizing runs a little small, but I was warned of that going in, so it wasn’t a problem. Critically, the support is amazing! Again, the cup tucks away nicely when feeding. All good.

My honourable mention is the Freya Pure Underwired nursing bra. It looks pleasingly like a normal tshirt bra, and has actual underwiring which, although not recommended early on, is an option later in the feeding journey. I did come to miss underwiring! And sometimes a tshirt bra is just what will look best. However, I found this by far the hardest to get the right size in, and it coped least well with changes in my size over time. I also found the thickness of the cup meant it did sometimes get in the way when feeding.

Of course, bras are hugely personal and what works for one woman won’t for someone else. Different shapes and sizes, different aesthetics… so your mileage may vary, and I’d love to hear your favourites!

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