Plastic Fantastic: February Changes



So, now it’s February, it’s time for some new changes regarding my plastic use! I introduced some new things in January, and they’re going well. What next?


It’s taken me years to find a skincare regime that works for me, and honestly, abandoning that would not class as a small change. Particularly given that I’ve never had any luck with natural skincare, despite oh so many attempts. So, I’m not even going there right now. What I am willing to explore again is unpackaged shampoo and conditioner. Unless anyone suggests something specific to me, this will begin with a trip to my friendly neighbourhood Lush. And then let’s see… And of course, I need to use up the bottles I already have!

I am also considering new options for shaving. I have a battery shaver, which I plan to run into the ground, but I don’t like much, especially for underarms. I have read about other women using a safety razor, and I might explore that more. In the meantime, I have a rather old packet of disposable razors, and I will use them up!


I generally have a bottle of water in the nappy bag, and I need to find a reusable bottle that is plastic free, sturdy, lightweight and doesn’t make the water taste odd. I have a number of reusable plastic bottles and I will continue to use them in the meantime of course, but I want to phase them out. And at least they’re not single use bottles until then.

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