Three Book Reviews

I have had a bit of a book finishing binge in the last week or so.

First was Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon and I got my copy via Net Galley. This was one of those books that you finish and then want to start again right away. It’s full of lots of details that bear a second look, I definitely missed some things! I loved the fact that it’s about old people, there aren’t enough good books about the elderly! I really worry about what I can say without spoiling the book, so I will limit my comments to: I loved the central characters, I loved watching the story unfold, and the book made me hungry for battenberg!

The second book I finished was The Cactus by Sarah Haywood. Also via Net Galley. I took a bit of time to get into this as the main character Susan is (intentionally) a bit prickly. I found she grew on me though, found her journey fascinating. I do wish the story had continued further down the line as I really would have liked to know how her relationships with over key characters progressed. I did enjoy how some of those relationships grew quietly while others stormed along, but it did make me wonder where things would be five or ten years in the future!

The third book was Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage by Lucy Daniels and this was sent to me by Hodder. This book ended up not being quite what I expected. I expected a gentle and cosy romance, and, to an extent, that’s what this was. But in our ways it was pleasingly unexpected. I loved all the veterinary details. It was so clear that the author had a background in caring for animals, and I felt it added to the atmosphere of the book, and gave me a sense that the author really cared for her book. I loved that there was a slightly darker subplot as well. And I also enjoyed the fact that although there was a romantic thread, this was not the only storyline to the book.

So, three books, and I really enjoyed each of them! Which is, I think, a very good beginning to my reading year!

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