Plastic Fantastic: January Check In


So, I talked at the beginning of the month about some changes I wanted to make in January to help decrease my plastic consumption. The changes were relating to use of conventional deodorant, plastic shopping bags, and plastic packaged toilet paper. On the whole, this has actually been less of a challenge than I really thought.

As far as the deodorant is concerned, I like it. It is working. But I don’t trust it. So on days when I expect to do lots of walking or otherwise to get rather warm I am still using my conventional deodorant. I’m hoping my trust in the home made deodorant will increase over time, but in the meantime I am going through the conventional deodorant at a much slower rate, and that’s an awesome start!

I haven’t done brilliantly at remembering the fabric bags when I go out, but I can generally manage to squish things into the corners of the nappy bag, so it hasn’t been a huge problem. I do need to work on the habit though so that I can be prepared for the occasions when the nappy bag solution won’t work.

And toilet paper? I still love Who Gives a Crap. We haven’t bought any plastic packaged toilet paper in 2018! Awesome!

All of which means that I am now turning my mind towards what my changes for February will be. I’ve realised that there are a few things that I have started anyway, and so it makes sense to capitalise on them. As a result, I’m thinking about shaving and razors and toiletries. I think I need a third though, so I will continue to think about it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!

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