Plastic Fantastic: January Changes

So, I talked about worrying about plastic in a post a while ago and, more recently, I made reducing my plastic usage one of the 18 things I’d like to do in 2018.

The thing now, is to work out what that means for me. Where I will start, and how I will stop myself from getting overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand.

My plan is to make three small changes a month and really just play it by ear. For January these changes are:


I have started with this already. Now, I haven’t completely abandoned my roller deodorant. And I can’t promise I will do soon. But what I am doing is limiting it to when I’m out and about with a 12kg child strapped to my front, not for the days when I’m at home with Small. On those days I have been using a concoction suggested by Treading My Own Path, and on the whole it’s working well. It means my use of the plastic bottles lasting a few weeks is reduced, which means scaling back my overall plastic usage, and is also probably better for both me and the world at large.

Shopping Bags

My second small change is related to shopping bags. I have fabric bags, but I’m not brilliant at making sure there is one tucked in the nappy bag just in case. Of course, I can get a few bits and bobs in the nappy bag itself, but it’s quite full enough of Small’s spare clothes, nappies and toys so…

Toilet Paper

And finally, loo roll! I’ve already had one box of toilet paper from the fine people at Who Gives a Crap, and am really happy with it. It appears at the door, as if by magic, and is not wrapped in plastic.

All of which gives me a realistic starting place on my plastic reducing journey, and I’m very excited!

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