Christmas and Recuperation


We are heading swiftly towards Christmas now.

My neighbour has a snowman on the roof.

I have ridiculous numbers of parcels arriving each day.

We are trying to decide on the safest location for a Christmas tree for the mutual protection of tree and toddler.

Work is winding down, about which I have mixed feelings. I love my work, and put a lot of myself into it. And as a freelancer, if I’m not working then I’m not earning. Which scares me, rather! However! I need a break.

I’ve noticed lately increasing levels of frustration with… well, everything. I am tired, discouraged and stressed out. And so, although there are some things I can’t really or don’t want to take a break from (my starring role as “Mummy” springs to mind…), I am thinking about how to use the Christmas period for recuperation.

I can’t wait to see my family with Small. He is changing so fast at the moment that he is a different child every time they see him.

I look forward to family walks. Maybe with Small actually walking, which he is increasingly enthusiastic about.

I’m looking forward to being able to hand over some of the cooking to visiting family members who like cooking more than I do.

I want to read and knit and spin as much as I can. Usually Small’s naptimes are used for work, exercise and cleaning toilets. I can use them in a much more leisurely way.

I quite fancy making some biscuits. Nothing complicated, but shaped like Christmas trees.

What plans do you have for relaxing over the holidays? Is there anything I’ve missed?

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