Review: The Movement of Stars, Amy Brill


I have been reading this book for months. It has been my bedtime reading, and I don’t get a great deal of that! Given that time frame, it would have been so easy to give up, lose track, and let it slide. But it kept my attention throughout. I enjoyed the story, and the characters. While it sometimes felt like the historical setting slipped slightly, I thought the ending was properly in line with it. 

In many ways I would have liked see greater character and relationship development, particularly between Hannah and Mary and Hannah and Isaac, as in both cases change was swift. I won’t say more in order to avoid any spoilers!

Ultimately, I thought this was an interesting book, a lovely story of developing one’s own way of being and place in the world. And given how much society still tries to keep us in neat boxes, stories like this are important!

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