Parenting, Knitting, and Slowing Down

Like everything, my knitting moves so slowly these days. It is something I have struggled to get used to. The overall need to embrace slow living, that came with the advent of Small into my life.

Once I could have succumbed to the frustration I feel in how long these socks are taking to knit. I could have put something on Netflix and spent the day knitting until they were done. But no longer. I can’t knit while Small is with me. One day, yes, but we’re not there yet. As he gets older his day time sleep continues to decrease, and it is he that punctuates my days. I have to accept moving slowly.

He wakes, so I wake. He needs a meal, so I make one. He wants to clamber over the furniture, so I attend him whilst he does so. He is quietly occupied with a piece of tissue paper, I take the time to do some work. He needs a nap, I spring into action to achieve as much work, cleaning, exercise and whatever else I can in that time.

I actually feel so much happier under this regime than I ever did before, but it has taken getting used to. I have always had a bit of a Calvinistic streak, and it is good that I am being made to calm down, be gentler with myself, and enjoy the huge blessing that is my son.

With all that said, he will nap for another ten or fifteen minutes, and so I am going to drink coffee and enjoy a few more stitched on this beautiful sock.

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