Review: Snuggle and Play Crochet by Carolina Guzman Benitez


Another book to review courtesy of Netgalley. This is a book of patterns for stuffed animals and those snuggle blankets that can be called lovey or doudou or woobie. Effectively you can make a whole animal, or just it’s head and arms and attach it to a crocheted blanket.

A flick through shows a good variety of cute options, although one thing that struck me is that most of the animals have a slightly sad expression.

I really liked the way it introduces you to crochet charts by using different colours and discusses which options will be easiest.

The main content is divided into the blankets and the toys, so you can pick and mix at will!

It is a lovely book, and clearly works hard to prevent the reader becoming overwhelmed or put off. I definitely feel the need to attempt something for Small, I just need to a) decide what to make and b) have a bit of time for it!

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