Bakewell Wool Gathering


Yesterday was a happy day!

I haven’t been to a yarn show since I was pregnant with Small. He is now one! 

So yesterday we piled into the car, and betook ourselves to Bakewell Wool Gathering. This show is semi-local to us, and these is one we have been to almost every year. Except last year as we had a three week old!

Small, I think, found it all very overwhelming and did, sadly, cry at a good few people. But we bought him a cheese sandwich and he was a happier bunny after that.

I had lots of fun!

I had a bit of a mission. I wanted yarn in DK weight and heavier. Generally it’s four ply or sock yarn that is the most frequent, and so setting my sights on heavier weights was going to limit my options somewhat. Not that I was ruling out buying lighter weights, just that given the mountain in my stash, it would need to be very very special!

As it turned out, I was successful in my mission and returned home with some gorgeous chunky weight from Eden Cottage Yarns, some Aran weight from A Little Bit Sheepish and some DK weight from Sparkleduck.

These are three of my long term favourite yarn dyers, and I almost always purchase something when I see them. Rosie’s Moments are another favourite, also there, but as their focus is very much on sock yarn, I didn’t buy anything today.

I was both charmed and saddened to see Sparkleduck there. I hadn’t expected them after the sad passing of Heather earlier in the year. So I had a good look for something beautiful and distinctive, and chose this beautiful Spirit DK in greens.

I went to Eden Cottage Yarns because I love the yarn, and I have had great success with the Bowland DK in two cardigans now. There was no Bowland, but that did not matter because I fell head over heels for the Whitfell Chunky via the gorgeous sample cowl. It’s a beautiful alpaca yarn, and I had to have it. So heavy was my fall that I bought two balls each of two colours, steel and sand. The plan is that they will become cowls, as scarves and shawls are too liable to be harassed by the fingers of a small person in a sling.

One of my other favourite dyers is A Little Bit Shepish, and happily they are generally at Bakewell. From here I came away with two skeins of vibrantly, happily orange Aran weight Blue Faced Leicester called Iris. It was one of those moments where the colour just says “Hello, I am coming home with you!” So it did.

I also acquired a lovely project bag from Quince Pie which henceforth will be home to a sock project.

On the whole, a wonderful day with a lovely yarn haul.

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