Me Time: Not Just Mummy

Parenthood is not brilliant for giving you “me time”. It gives you many wonderful things. Love, cuddles, a new knowledge of the wonder that is a foil blanket. Time to yourself, though, goes out the window pretty quickly. Possibly more so if you have a breastfed baby who is keen to keep breastfeeding, thank you very much! Since Small has been born I haven’t been apart from him for more than an hour or so at a time. Usually because of a haircut, dentist appointment, or having parts of my eyebrows removed.

As a result there are parts of my life I make as All About Me as I can. For example, having a shower. From a purely functional activity, this has now become much more involved. It includes beautiful shower gels from Lush (at the moment, other brands are available), knitting podcasts on my Bluetooth shower speaker (I 100% recommend having one!), and at least occasionally not trying to get in and out within 5 minutes.

It is also why I sometimes choose not to do something useful while Small naps. There is no lack of things to do, whether work or home related but, if circumstances permit, I will consciously decide to sit and knit while catching up with some television I won’t watch whilst Small is up.

And then at weekends I sometimes get to lie on my bed for twenty minutes, Small playing with his Daddy, with the book I am oh so slowly working my way through. It doesn’t last all that long before Small clocks that I have absconded, but hey…

It’s not much, but it is just enough. I wouldn’t swap my life for the world. In fact, on the whole, I have never been happier, but I do need to be mindful of my sanity; do the things that maintain my identities apart from “Mummy”; and remember the fact that everyone needs a little break occasionally! Besides, one day he won’t want to spend every moment of his day with me, and then, no doubt, I will be sad.

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