Review: Knit Mitts by Kate Atherley

Knit Mitts Cover ImageCourtesy of the nice people at Netgalley, I had the opportunity to investigate a new book by Kate Atherley, Knit Mitts. This will be published on 26 October 2017 and cost $23.99 in the US. If I am able to track down information on publication outside the US, I will update the end of the post.

I really cannot be more enthusiastic about this book! In fact, my husband and Small should watch out for some inevitable mittens come Christmas Day. 

There are two parts to the book, the technical part and the patterns part. The technical section, accounting for the first several chapters is all about measurements, gauge, yarn selection, construction… It includes size tables, huge amounts of advice and tips and generally everything to get the geeky amongst us super enthusiastic about making some beautiful custom mittens.

Then the patterns. These are absolutely lovely, and there is really something for everyone. Personally I am particularly keen on two colourwork patterns: Braewick, some charming fingerless gloves and Warmth of the Sun which are full mittens with the cutest sunflower design. 

I really think that anyone considering making mittens of gloves should have a serious look st this book!

UPDATE: I have now been told the book will be published in the UK 27 October 2017.

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