One Stitch, Two Stitch

I started knitting around 2006. I made a teddy bear for a friend in yellow acrylic. And from there the obsession grew.

Today I am the proud owner of two spinning wheels, a rigid heddle loom and a stash I’ll probably never use up completely.

One of the challenges now, is combining knitting with working from home and being with Small. Bottom line, there is not all that much time for fibre playtime.

Now would probably be a good time to embrace project monogamy, but apparently that is not on the cards.

Current projects that are getting any attention are:

  1. Stocking stitch socks. These are my Easy Knitting out of some lovely West Yorkshire Spinners yarn I bought from the lovely Brit Yarn so I could take part in the GB Socks Away KAL. I’m enjoying having such a quick and easy project in such gorgeous yarn!
  2. A Joseph cardigan for Small. This is out of some beautiful Brigantia DK. It is going to be so cute!

There are many  many other unfinished projects, but if I put them all here in one go, you’d stop reading!

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