There is such a beautiful simplicity in small children. I really believe it’s something to envy.

My small person recently turned one(!), and this led to several days of  upset routines; unusual numbers of people in our home; and an awful lot of attention on the small one. Combine this with the joy that is teething, and you have the recipe for some very tricky sleep patterns!

As a result, I write this from a much needed, earlier than normal, morning nap. I am sitting in the nursery, small on my lap, using my arm as a pillow, stroking my tummy.  

He is still at an age where he knows what he needs and makes sure he gets it! This is something we are so bad at as adults.

For example, I barely slept last night and I am shattered. Despite this, when I put small down in a minute or two, I won’t catch a badly needed hour in bed. I will go and put on a load of washing. Get something out for dinner. Work. Enjoy some rare me time. And consider that really, I probably should have had a nap.

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