Craft Books

Lately I have found myself becoming reacquainted with my craft books? Why? Because they live on the bottom shelf and because I have an intrepid explorer of a child who takes great pleasure in taking books off the shelves and playing with them!

I’m all for encouraging a love of books, but currently his love comprises:

  1. Eating
  2. Ripping
  3. Bending

This is entirely reasonable as he is eleven months old and doesn’t understand. However, the side effect has been that for the first time since he was born, I am really looking at them and thinking about them. Which is pretty exciting! I have decided to start a bit of a project of looking through to explore and read. Honestly, there are some I bought or had as a present but never had more than a cursory flip through!

A second project has sprouted from this new turn of events. In order to protect my lovely books, I plan to use my fairly amateurish sewing skills to make a book protection curtain!

Watch this space!

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